Blackout Shades, Translucent Shades


Choosing a type of Shade

 Don't block it, frame it. Discover the difference between Blackout and Translucent Shades in La Quinta or other desert Cities. Select a window treatment that opens up the outside world while still serving your other needs. Blackout Shades in La Quinta Blackout Shades in Palm Desert

Clearly, looking through your window treatments changes from day to night. 

Consider before you choose whether you prefer complete privacy 100% of the time, or a moderate degree to maximize light. 


Energy Efficiency

An insulating window covering is like an investment.

It can pay for itself in the long run.   

We can lose up to 40% of energy through the glass panes in our homes.  Holding the cool air in during the summer is a big factor 

in the heat of Southern California.

Solar shades are often the go to choice for many homeowners and there are many color options to blend into your indoor environment.  

Cellular shades are the best choice and the most energy efficient fabric for an indoor window covering.

Best Solution to reduce heat?

When it comes to heat reduction often the best options are exterior shades, stopping the sun BEFORE it heats up the glass and transfers indoors.


Solar Shades? Blackout Shades?

 Solar screens can provide daytime privacy.  Visibility through Sun Control Screens depends on light location and the percentage of openness on the fabric.  Lighted interiors allow inward visibility at night, while sunlight during the daytime diminishes inward visibility, offering more privacy.

Blackout Shades block all light  and provides daytime and nighttime privacy. 

Translucent Shades allow light through but provides daytime and nighttime Privacy.  Some shadows may be visible on lighter colored shades.