Maximum control of Light and Privacy with the push of a button.

skylight shade system

Practical solution for skylights that draw too much heat into the room.

Cellular Shades


Cellular Shades

 This honeycomb structure will help regulate a 

home’s temperature and conserve energy year-round.


Top Down Bottom Up

Bottom up/top down cellular shades use innovative design elements, such as a light blocking lip and improved magnetic closure between head and bottom rails, to ensure the premium quality of the product.  

Cellular shades provide benefits regardless of season or locale. Cocoon, our most energy-efficient fabric, reduces heat transfer by 22% during the winter and 56% during the summer. For more information on the energy efficiency of window treatments, please visit 


Side Stacking Cellular Shades

Slide-Vue™ Cellular Shades are specially designed to cover larger windows, closets, and patio doors..


The new cordless system provides smoother, quieter operation for a seamless fit and the smallest side stack to the side of your window opening.